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Gegevens vergeten?

Every human being is entitled to clean and sufficient drinking water

Most of the Earth’s water is to be found in the oceans. This salt water is not suited for consumption, irrigation or industrial purposes. Only 3% of all the Earth’s water consists of sweet water, but most of it is either (permanently) frozen, contaminated or out of reach. A mere 1% of the available water supply can be used to prepare drinking water. The availability of safe drinking water is becoming ever more critical. There are still areas in the world that are devoid of any form of drinking water.

To this issue, Hatenboer-Water in cooperation with TU Delft and the companies Fortis Wind Energy and NieuweWeme Technische Montages, have developed a solution called 'Drinking with the wind' (DWTW).

The installation that has been developed to this purpose is able to produce safe drinking water from brackish water or even salt water. Solar power and wind energy are being used to operate the installation in an environment-friendly manner. By making use of natural resources (e.g. sun, wind, seawater) it is now possible to produce safe drinking water plus electricity at sites where this could not be achieved previously!

Hatenboer-Water is present with the drinking with the wind unit on GreenAruba

Wubbo Ockels congratulates 'Drinking with the wind Indonesia'.